Privacy Policy

The website logs collect and store IP addresses; domain names; dates and times of visits; the pages visited; and types of browsers used, but we retain this information only temporarily, and we do not sell or market it, or disclose it publicly. Data from the logs may be used to learn site usage analytics.

An organization or individual who registers with the website in order to receive a pre-configured Cordra software distribution is asked to provide IP address where the Cordra software process will be made available and email address for communication. Additionally, individuals may join the Slack workspace on Cordra or send an email to to ask questions or provide feedback. Individuals who ask questions or provide feedback may be asked to provide contact information or may have provided that contact information depending on the channel that is used to communicate with us. That information may be retained by us for subsequent communication, but is not disclosed publicly.

This website contains links to other third party sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such third party sites.