Design Object

The Design object is a central location where much of the Cordra configuration is stored. For example, the configuration for the UI, authorization, and handle minting are all stored on the Design object. When logged in as a Cordra admin into the UI, the Design Object Admin menu item provides you a way to edit this object directly. The Design object could also be updated using a configuration file on startup; see repoInit.json.

Here are the properties available in the Design object for fine-tuning Cordra behavior:

Property name Description
ids See Authentication via Keys.
useLegacySessionsApi See Legacy Sessions API
useLegacyContentOnlyJavaScriptHooks See Legacy JavaScript Hooks
useLegacySearchPageSizeZeroReturnsAll If true, restores former behavior where a search with pageSize=0 returns all results. By default a search with pageSize=0 returns the number of matched objects but no object content.
enableVersionEdits If true, version objects can be edited. By default, they are immutable.
includePayloadsInReplicationMessages If true, payloads are included in Kafka messages produced by configuration replicationProducers. By default the payloads are omitted.
disableAuthenticationBackOff By default, Cordra will slow down authentication attempts for a user after receiving an incorrect password for that user, up to a maximum of 5 seconds. Setting this to true disables the delay.
allowInsecureAuthentication Allow authentication requests over HTTP. By default, only HTTPS is allowed.
adminPublicKey JSON Web Key that can be used to log in as admin user.
uiConfig See UI Menu.
authConfig See Authorization Menu.
handleMintingConfig See Handle Integration.
handleServerConfig See Handle Integration.
doip See DOIP and Examples.
builtInTypes.CordraDesign.javascript See Hooks for the Design Object and Type Objects.
builtInTypes.Schema.javascript See Hooks for the Design Object and Type Objects.
javascript See Design JavaScript Menu.


All or part of the Design object can also be modified on startup by including a repoInit.json file in the Cordra data directory. The JSON structure under the design property in the repoInit.json file should match what is expected in the Design object. For example, to add ids that are useful for Authentication via Keys, you could include the following in the repoInit.json file:

    "design": {
        "ids": [ "20.500.123/cordra" ]